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Celebrate all things Cornish on the 5th March, choose from these great drinks from Cornwall.

Celebrate St Piran's Day with beer and cider from Cornwall

Although born in Ireland, the Cornish have adopted St Piran as one of their patron saints.

He had a millstone around his neck but miraculously he floated across the water to Perran Beach in Perranporth. It was here that he built a small chapel, an oratory amongst the sand dunes. People would come from miles around to hear him preach there.

St Piran also discovered tin too, but quite by accident. A black stone on his fire leaked a white liquid. St Piran had discovered tin. The Cornish Flag, the Flag Of St Piran (white cross on a black background) represents white tin flowing from the black rock, or good overcoming evil.

St Piran is believed to have lived for 200 years. He was fond of a drink and sadly met his end falling down a well.

Stay safe happy drinkers!