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Wedding Bars

We have been doing successful event bars at beersbypost.com for some time. We do all sorts of events - from festivals to country shows, and corporate events. We even do motor sport events. 

However, until last year, we had never been involved in weddings. I had been warned off the idea by many people in the trade. Luckily, I never listen to advice, and I agreed to eight wedding bars last summer. I'm so pleased we agreed to do them. It is very special being part of a couples wedding day. The bar can play a big role in the success of the party...the couple needs to trust you to get it right.

We have several meetings with the bride and groom to discus what they would like from the bar. Things like how it should look & what drinks to serve and do they need our expert help with co-ordinating the flow of the day (the flow of the drinks is a given). Anything is possible, and we will (within reason) make it happen.

Last week we did the wedding bar for Simon & Jessica at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. They had asked for a craft beer and cider bar with themed cocktails with the names of the cocktails chosen by them. Jess asked that one of the cocktails had rhubarb in it...well, nothing is too much, so the night before we were making lashings of rhubarb syrup at beersbypostHQ. All the cocktails were a hit - and the most popular was the rhubarb one !!  All the beers and ciders were local and we also had local gins. The prosecco flowed. The cocktails were a hit and pretty much all the beer was drank !!

We have taken even more wedding bookings this year. But we do still have some dates available. Please contact stephen@beersbypost.com if you would like a chat. 

We have a cheesy saying here at beersbypost.com "The answer is YES...What's the question" ? 


Stephen Post
Stephen Post


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