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Mulled Cider

We don't need much excuse at Beersbypost.com to start mulling cider. But, if you do need a reason.......Halloween and Guy Fawkes nights are an early excuse to get the gorgeous smell of mulled cider wafting around the house. In our opinion, it's a far more superior drink to mulled wine, and much more "in season". 


1 litre of dry or medium dry cider (bought from yours truly)

A few all spice berries

A few cardamon pods

A few cloves

2 x Lumps of cane sugar (or more - up to you)

2 x Star anise 

1 x Cinnamon stick

The peel and juice of one large orange

1 x Vanilla pod (split in the usual way)

A large glug of Somerset Cider Brandy (Sloe gin is good too)


Chuck the cider into a large stock pot. Gently heat. Add all the spices. Let that lot get to know each other for 5 or 10 minutes. Now pour in as much Cider Brandy as you dare. Ladle into glasses and drink by a log fire.

From now until Christmas, all mixed boxes of Ciders bought from Beersbypost.com will have one of our special packs of mulling spices added - FREE !!



Stephen Post
Stephen Post


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