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Exmoor Ales

Founded in 1980, Exmoor Ales was then amongst the first wave of "Micro Breweries". The business has invested and expanded progressively becoming the leading cask ale supplier in the immediate region, directly delivering to around 300 outlets and nationally well represented in the well known pub companies on a regular or guest ale basis.
Exmoor had a "flying start" during its early life by winning the Best Bitter national award at the GBBF in 1980…with only its 13th brew. The beer was known simply as Exmoor Ale, being a classic 3.8% session beer. Many further awards were to follow, and today remains the backbone of the range in the region.
The fundamentals of the brewery and brewing process are virtually unchanged since the beginning, albeit the capacity of the fermentation vessels has increased exponentially, the principles of small batch brewing, the best and locally sourced raw materials is what has worked well for the brewery and its customers and consumers.

Stephen Post
Stephen Post


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