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March 13, 2017


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Wedding Bars

We have been doing successful event bars at beersbypost.com for some time. We do all sorts of events - from festivals to country shows, and corporate events. We even do motor sport events. 

However, until last year, we had never been involved in weddings. I had been warned off the idea by many people in the trade. Luckily, I never listen to advice, and I agreed to eight wedding bars last summer. I'm so pleased we agreed to do them. It is very special being part of a couples wedding day. The bar can play a big role in the success of the party...the couple needs to trust you to get it right.

We have several meetings with the bride and groom to discus what they would like from the bar. Things like how it should look & what drinks to serve and do they need our expert help with co-ordinating the flow of the day (the flow of the drinks is a given). Anything is possible, and we will (within reason) make it happen.

Last week we did the wedding bar for Simon & Jessica at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. They had asked for a craft beer and cider bar with themed cocktails with the names of the cocktails chosen by them. Jess asked that one of the cocktails had rhubarb in it...well, nothing is too much, so the night before we were making lashings of rhubarb syrup at beersbypostHQ. All the cocktails were a hit - and the most popular was the rhubarb one !!  All the beers and ciders were local and we also had local gins. The prosecco flowed. The cocktails were a hit and pretty much all the beer was drank !!

We have taken even more wedding bookings this year. But we do still have some dates available. Please contact stephen@beersbypost.com if you would like a chat. 

We have a cheesy saying here at beersbypost.com "The answer is YES...What's the question" ? 


February 23, 2017


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Craft beer & cider gift ideas.

We have gathered together all our best selling beer and cider gifts in one place. A free card is added to every box with your personal message...and we also through in a free gift..........we are too good to you !!!

Check out our gifts page


Cheers from beersbypostHQ

Otter Brewery - Mixed case.

Did you know..........

We are the only place to buy a mixed case of Otter Brewery Beers !!

Get twelve beers (three of each) for £35

Otter Ale is the beer that started it all: the head of the stable. A premium beer's alcohol content should always be high enough to enable a perfect balance of flavour and aroma, this has an ABV of 4.5%. Otter Ale is a very well balanced beer that delivers the flavours of quality floor malted barley and finishes with a combination of fruit and some bitterness. It's nose is a balance of malt and fruit.

Otter Bitter is the brewery's session beer with an ABV of 3.6%. A beautifully light and fruity beer with good hoppy bitterness. It leaves a refreshing bitterness which prompts the next gulp. A wonderful 'old fashioned' session beer, brewed for drinking with no frills.

Otter Bright used to only be brewed in the summer. With the new dawn of interest in cask beer, it is perfectly positioned as a great beer for 'new age drinkers' who are discovering cask ale. It is so pale that it can easily be mistaken for lager and it delivers a great bitter citrus flavour with lots of fizz and an ABV of 4.3%. A cool cellar temperature will add to its refreshing qualities. Now brewed year round Otter Bright is a favourite amongst the thirty somethings!

Otter Head at 5.8% ABV Otter Head is the brewery’s strongest beer - delivering an amazing rich flavour and aroma. Otter Head has a distinctive barley wine old ale character. It has a malt, fruit sweet flavour which gives way to a long bittersweet aftertaste. It has a well-balanced aroma that reflects its taste and is deep red brown in colour.




February 14, 2017


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Ashridge Organic Cider

We had a recent visit to Ashridge Cider Farm near Totnes in Devon. At beersbypost.com we stock all of their bottled ciders (and we sell a lot of their keg on our event bars). Ashridge Vintage, Devon Blush and Artisan Elderflower are all available to buy now and will be added to the subscription boxes in coming months.

Check out the old apple varieties that go into Ashridge Cider. All organic and all grown on the farm…

Cider apple varieties







Ashton Brown Jersey


Full Bittersweet

Long Ashton Somerset

Brown’s Apple



Staverton, Devon

Broxwood Foxwhelp


Medium Bittersharp


Ellis Bitter




Fair Maid of Devon








Sercombe’s Natural


Mild Bittersweet


Sweet Coppin




Tremlett’s Bitter




Yarlington Mill


Mild Bittersweet


Porter’s Perfection


Medium Bittersweet




Medium Bittersweet


Sweet Alford




Slack Ma Girdle





We love the old names. Thank goodness that small cider farms are keeping the tradition of cider making alive. Unlike the big producers who import apple concentrate from abroad. This is why it is important to support our local cider farms.

With so many different ciders available at beersbypost.com, it’s a great way to discover new favourites and experience a wide range of craft cider styles. New ciders are being added to the range every month. 

Cheers. SP

January 18, 2017


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Exciting times ahead at beersbypost.com

January 2017

We are all recovering from a busy few months at beersbypost.com – which is great, as we only started the business in December 2015. The website continues to grow and we are adding new beers and ciders every month. Our plan is to double turnover in 2017 and to double the product range. New beers and cider are being produced all the time – if they pass the beersbypost.com taste test, they will be listed with us.

We have now launched our beer and cider club subscription service. You can now sign up to a monthly delivery of hard to find, new and exciting products. As a member of our beer or cider club, you will receive a monthly newsletter along with some great beers/ciders, and a few free gifts thrown in too. This service can be fully managed by you - cancel at any time. Add more products at any time, stop subscription at any time or just hold sub for one month...it's up to you - as you have full control. Please feel free to email me for more info stephen@beersbypost.com

We are predicting a rise in the popularity of sour beers for 2017. Influenced by classic European beer styles such as Berliner Weiss, Leipziger Gose and Belgian Lambic and often with added wild yeasts such as Brettanomyces (which adds an earthy, ‘funky’, barnyardy note, like the best Burgundy reds), modern sours are quenching, refreshing, tart and complex beers that marry well with food and are adept in engaging the palate of drinkers who don’t always plump for beer. We are looking forwards to some new sour beers this year.

Canning….We love cans at beersbypost.com for many reasons. They are simply a better way to keep beer. Those who prefer canned beer say it’s lighter and easier to transport than bottled beer, and of course it’s easier to open because you don’t need a bottle opener. Also, cans are completely airtight and keep out all light, so the beer never gets tainted. Those who prefer bottled beer say the bottle keeps the beer colder longer, and they don’t drink canned beer because the aluminium imparts a metallic taste. But beer manufacturers have been lining their aluminium cans with a thin plastic to prevent just that, so metallic taste should not be an issue unless you’re licking the can. Also, cans don’t break in transit.

We are predicting a rise in the canning of craft ciders over the next twelve months. Beersbypost.com will be talking to all our cider people to see if they have plans to can. Watch this space.

Please feel free to contact us. We would love to have any feedback on our service and we would love to have your reviews of the beers and ciders. Any new food pairings would also be great to hear.

Happy 2017 from beersbypost.com


Steve Post



January 09, 2017


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Dry January Vs Tryanuary

Beersbypost.com was set up to promote and sell South West beers and ciders. Many of the breweries and cider farms featured on our website are very small. 

We do promote sensible drinking...but we can't promote "dry January". I'm all for drinking less after a heavy Christmas, but stopping completely does nothing for all the small businesses connected to the trade. 

Tryanuary is a new movement. Make it your mission to seek out new INDEPENDENT breweries, beers, bars and bottle shops, and share your discoveries with people throughout January! 

To celebrate Tryanuary we will give 10% off all of our mixed cases until the end of January. Use code "Tryanuary" when prompted at checkout and get 10% off your next box of beers or ciders.

Keep buying local beers and keep going to your local. Visit  goo.gl/uPg7b0 to find out more about Tryanuary




Steve Post





December 12, 2016


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Christmas gifts from Beers By Post

It's the most wonderful time of the year.............

Well. It could be !!

Make stepping into Christmas that bit easier with a Mixed Box Of Craft Ciders.

Or stumble into Christmas with a Box Of Craft Beers

Or fall into every month with our Beer or Cider Club

It really could be "the most wonderful time of the year"


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